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Q: Why does it take X amount of minutes/hours to get my photo back?

A: Since InstaCRT is processing every photo in real world it takes somewhere around 20 seconds for every photo to be processed. If there’s a lot of photos being taken the queue is getting quite long.

Q: Why is my photo cropped weirdly?

A: Since the 1” CRT monitor aspect ratio is 4:3 the photos taken with the iPhone camera is being cropped to be able to fill the screen as much as possible.

Q: Why does my photos sometimes a brownish tinted frame and sometimes not?

A: Since the InstaCRT real world filter happens in our real world office the effect will be affected by the lights in there.

Q: What’s the difference between InstaCRT and other camera apps such as Hipstamatic or Instagram?

A: Hipstamatic and Instagram and other apps are applying filters to your photos in the software in your camera. InstaCRT is sending your photo to our office in Stockholm where the photo is displayed on a actual physical 1” CRT monitor which is photographed with a digital SLR from which the new photo is sent back to your phone over the internet.

Q: My photo came back all black, WTF?

A: Since we’re working with old school electronics there’s glitches. We’re currently working on a fix that might make the “black screen of death” problem go away.

Q: What about privacy, who can see my photos?

A: Due to the nature of the app, your photos needs to be sent over the internet and projected on the CRT screen in our studio. The photos is then sent back to a secret url where nobody can see it except for the iOS that took the photo. We do also keep a copy of your photo for debugging purposes. We’ll never make these photos available to anyone else.